Developing Unique Strategies through Diversity

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Alchemy Communications is a seven-year-old, public relations and marketing firm. We do all kinds of media relations work with non-profits and for profit corporations, offering services such as: inbound marketing, social media, content creation and of course graphic designs, collateral builds, and websites.

Alchemy has worked hard to include new Canadians within our workforce, and it has been very beneficial to us. At the end of the day, we are looking for people who can look at a project with a different set of eyes, with a different background, that can make the project unique. We are always trying to make our projects outstanding, and you need to have different experiences from different cultural backgrounds in order to do that. We have had two different work placements both of which were individuals with very skilled backgrounds in marketing and web development. Their past work experiences helped to enrich our capacity to deliver quality work to our clients, and develop new ways of presenting things, because in marketing, strategies are always changing.

Canada is one of the best countries we can possibly live in, and bringing new Canadians in only serves to teach Canadians how great this country is! In today’s political climate, it is important to me that we are seen as a leader in the community that supports new Canadians and shows that Canada accepts you for who you are, no matter what your background is. I want our company to be able to reflect that value as well!