Diversity at Carya is a Gift



Carya is better known under our previous name, Calgary Family Services, and has been around for over 100 years now. In 2010, we celebrated our centennial being one of the longest serving social service agencies. One of our main goals is to support and promote affordable counselling services to all communities within Calgary.

We employ over 200 Staff, within 4 key departments. Counselling services are offered around the city concentrating on areas such as:

  • In Home Service
  • Family Counselling
  • Older Adults
  • Community Development

Diversity means having different ideas, thoughts, to build up environment of creativity. This often requires for staff to come from different backgrounds and languages, in order to better serve our diverse communities. This makes a big impact to the company culture as well as practises between the staff members themselves.

We are looking and hoping to expand the types of services we can offer around the city. For example, currently we are looking to expand programs for older adults and homecare programs in the NE communities, and to do this we need to network with the communities in the NE. Because we have some counsellors who are connected with individuals from those areas, we are able to better understand the needs and thus provide more effective services there.

In terms of our recruitment, our hiring needs will be directly dependent on the communities we serve and the different ethnicities present in those communities. In addition to this, we also need staff with certain competencies and accreditations (such as accredited counselors).

If I was to give any advice to employer who is looking for diversify their workforce I would honestly say just – “Jump in and do it!” There is so much to be gained, so much to be learnt from others of different backgrounds. That it is a gift that you just don`t really want to overlook. The learning that you receive personally and what your other colleagues can receive from that diversity, it just starts breaking down barriers. There is just so much potential to evolve into something really quite full and, quite exciting!