Diversity: A competitive advantage within the energy sector



TransCanada Corporation is one of the largest energy infrastructure companies in North America. We employ approximately 8000 people throughout Canada, the United States and Mexico. We are one of the largest natural gas pipeline companies in North America, with a significantly growing crude oil pipeline business, and one of the largest power businesses and private power businesses in Canada.

The vision of TransCanada is really quite simple. Most importantly we want our company to reflect the makeup of the communities in which we work in, and our employees live in. We want to ensure that all of our employees are respected, and that they are able to contribute to their highest possible level within the company.

The year 2017 is going to be an exciting year for TransCanada, in the area of diversity and inclusion. We have the opportunity to develop a new diversity strategy, which is really going to bring together a lot of diversity initiatives that occur in TransCanada. We are also going to relaunch our employee resource groups, and we have an opportunity to develop some new diversity training.

Diversity brings a multiplicity of life experiences and views, which really adds to the company. It helps us in terms of innovation, bringing different ideas, and different solutions to problems. If everybody in a company comes from similar backgrounds and life experiences, there will be a lot of the same views. It’s fundamentally important for us to have a diversity of views, as this makes us a better company.