Diversity is the Reality of GKD


GKD industries name is made up of the first letters of the founder and his daughters, George, Kathy and Darka, all of whom immigrated to Canada from Croatia. The company began in the summer of 1994, in a time where it was difficult to find quality employees and skilled workers.

The core values of the company are to respect diversity and develop quality and dedicated employees. Since starting up, GKD has participated in recruiting, training and retaining a diverse work force. There are over 15 different nationalities represented in this medium sized firm, and the staff are mostly of technical nature from fields such as engineers, technologists and apprentices in the trades. GKD is active in supporting employees with upgrading English language classes, applying for PR cards and answering immigration questions, as well as helping employees meet requirements to achieve professional accreditations in their line of work.

For over 10 years, GKD has also partnered with immigrant serving agencies in the community to hire and develop diverse talent. Many of these staff are still working at GKD today.

Advice that they would like to give to other employers interested in diversifying their workforce: “Be open and look for opportunities that work for you; diversifying your workforce will put your company into a position for greater success. Mentorship plays a big role in the on boarding of new staff!”