Achieving Global Success Through Workplace Diversity


Accenture is a leading global professional services firm with five areas of business: Strategy, Consulting, Technology, Digital, and Operations.

Inclusion and diversity are baked into everything we do, including our recruiting process, provision of services to clients, and outreach at our offices throughout the world. We want to make sure that our core values of diversity and inclusion are represented in our corporate citizenship efforts. Our corporate citizenship efforts focus on giving people the skills to succeed. One of the ways we do that is helping newcomers find jobs when they arrive in Canada. We put on workshops where our people come and meet with new immigrants to do mock interviews and prepare them for when they are actually in front of the potential employer. We review their resumes to make sure their skills are obvious and match what Canadian employers are looking for. It`s a great opportunity for our team to work with the community in a way that plays up to what our strengths are as well.

Once differences are recognized, the next step is embracing and appreciating those differences – not working around the differences, but appreciating what those differences are. Including diversity into your business means taking advantage of those differences to improve the work environment of your employees. In our case, diversity also improves the experience clients have when they work with Accenture. That`s the real essence of the revolution of bringing inclusion and diversity into our workforce.