KalTire: Founded on Canadian Values

KalTire is the largest independent tire dealer in Canada. We have over 250 locations across Canada with over 5500 employees, so we are a Canadian owned company based out of Vernon, BC, and we do have a mining tire group which is international and a commercial and retail division.

KalTire being a Canadian company, we are founded on Canadian values which is extremely multicultural, we`re very welcoming, we encourage a very dynamic workforce; embrace a lot of different cultures who work with our company.

Diversity is integrated into our recruitment process here at KalTire in the sense that we really encourage reaching out to our local communities and engaging with newcomers to make sure that they’re aware of our job opportunities. Also, we conduct practise job interviews, as well as employment workshops to encourage newcomers to learn different processes when it comes to interviewing and resume writing.

Some of the advantages of diversifying our workforce are really bringing in those new ideas, those new perspectives and encouraging people to bring on their own cultural backgrounds, that contributes to the growth of our company as well.

In 10 years’ time we see our company growing even further across Canada, and in order to do that we need the right people. So to have people from different backgrounds and cultures has been large contributing factor to our success in the past, and I know that that will contribute to the next 10 years of success.