Serving the global economy with a global workforce


Languages in Motion specializes in language translation and conference interpreting. We bring together Canada’s most talented professional certified translators and certified interpreters. Diversity means a lot to Languages in Motion, it is at the foundation of our company. We are a company made up of 65 languages so that comes with 65 different counties and 65 different perspectives of the world. When we recruit new people and bring them on to our team, we are very interested in the unique perspectives that they bring.

In the past, we have done a lot of internships with internationally trained professionals with Immigrant Services Calgary. It has been fantastic because we are able to not only help these individuals gain Canadian experience, but also learn from them and understand their cultural backgrounds. We have actually gone on to hire a few of these professionals that we had internships with.

One of the interns we hosted was from Africa. He was a fantastic and kind person. He came on to our team to do some market research and, through his diligence, was able to call up some companies that we had a very difficult time getting a hold of in the past. This intern found out some important information to formulate our business plan. We came up with a very comprehensive report that allowed us to modify our business plan and change the course of our company, because of his contributions.

If I were to share with other employers the benefits of diversifying a workforce, I would say that it is an absolute must. Our world is becoming more and more connected and the internet and travel has connected our world in more ways than we could ever imagine. We end up going towards the idea becoming global citizens. We are fortunate in our company because we see this diversity every day through our work.