Using Business to Impact Social Society

Trico residential is a home building company and the revenue generator for the organization. Trico is primarily a home building organization. We started out building one home and then moved into building multi communities in Calgary. As of today, we build between 400 to 650 housing units.

With Calgary being such a multicultural city, our buyer groups are very culturally diverse. We have engaged in a lot of market research, working with various consultants who give us great feedback and input on the needs of the communities. We have even worked with Feng Shui consultants to help ensure that our products meet the needs of our buyer groups. Diversity runs as a part of our recruitment process as well. Within our workforce, we have 16 different nationalities so it shows that we hire many people from different countries and ethnicities. We want to get the best candidate for the job, but also want to draw from foreign experience and education to bring the best to our workforce.

In Trico, we find it is important to hire people based on competency and not necessarily based on Canadian experience. Lacking Canadian work experience is often a roadblock for anyone new to Canada. By saying, “you need to have Canadian work experience”, we are missing so many wonderful opportunities to bring in fresh ideas, education from other institutions than Canadian ones, different experiences, and cultural perspectives that could come in handy, especially in an industry like ours.

We believe in how a business is able to tie in with the social society. In a simple sense, how are we able to use business to impact the social society, similar to how an entrepreneur is able to create impact in communities. It is so important for us as a business to have responsibility, not just corporate social responsibility, but also use our business skills to get involved in social society. To create opportunities, not just for ourselves, but also for the community as well.