Accountant Realizes Success through Networking



Neha arrived in Canada in July of 2013 from India. Back home, she was a Chartered Accountant (CA) working at reputable firms, and hoping to enter back into the same profession in Canada.

Knowing her career goals, Neha applied to have her CA recognized in Canada before leaving India. Her next aim was to acquire her Chartered Professional Accounting (CPA) designation in Canada. Meanwhile, she needed to find work. Her husband introduced her to Calgary Region Immigrant Employment Council’s (CRIEC) mentorship program for help. Neha learned of the importance of networking in her efforts to establish her career again. This posed a challenge at first because she was not accustomed to the networking culture in Canada. She felt awkward reaching out to strangers in person and online through LinkedIn, but she pushed herself to step out of her comfort zone. There were other challenges too, that made settling down in Canada quite challenging. Neha was far from all her family and friends, and the weather in Canada was drastically different from home. She also felt she was being overlooked by employers because of her lack of Canadian work experience. Moreover, she felt pressured to achieve success due from her culture.

Neha found her first success by joining a small firm for two months during tax season, giving Neha her first Canadian work experience. Her big opportunity emerged after she was invited her to attend a networking event. The event allowed Neha to network with local professionals, whom she added to her network on LinkedIn. One employee noted Neha’s strengths and experience, and reached out to her after the event. She was offered a 3 month temporary position with the company. During those 3 months, Neha demonstrated her ability to perform and meet the demands of her employer. After her 3 month contract expired, she was offered a permanent Accounting position.

While being employed at, Neha worked towards her CPA. She successfully completed her Uniform Evaluation (UFE) needed to achieve her designation in June 2015, almost 2 years after first arriving in Calgary. Now she is happy at her job and is embarking on a new chapter of her life, as she will soon become a first-time mother! Neha is currently a Consultant with Deloitte Canada.

For other immigrant professionals looking to move to Canada, Neha advises to “Do thorough research before making the move. Know what steps are needed to achieve credential recognition and you’re your finances accordingly, since the process could be expensive. Always keep an open mind and have the courage to step out of your comfort zone.”