Creating Opportunities in BioTechnology 



Jesse came to Canada with his wife and children in 2000 from the Philippines. Previously, he was working in Saudi Arabia as a biomedical engineer, and is now working as a biomedical technologist at Alberta Health Services – South Health Campus hospital in Calgary. Currently, Jesse is accredited by ASET and certified by CBET Certification Canada, as 1 out of 3 certified Biomedical Engineering Technologists in Alberta.

When he first moved to Canada, he was very excited but faced many challenges. These included: looking for work, not having enough clothing, and encounteing snowstorms that were up to 1 metre high. Jesse couldn’t find work because he didn’t have any Canadian experience. He ended up having to move back to Saudi Arabia to continue working at his job while his family remained in Canada. During that time, his family had a difficult time adjusting. One time, his wife was chasing the bus in a snowstorm, and ended up falling and hurting her ankle. Because of this and other incidents, after a few months, Jesse came back to Canada to be closer to his family.

Upon returning to Canada, he started looking more into the accreditation process with ASET. After doing much networking and sending out many resumes, he started getting frustrated and ended up walking into a local hospital to speak to anyone he could find. He ended up passing his resume to the hospital Biomedical Manager. The manager then sent it to various biomed hospital networks. In doing so, one hospital contacted him and gave him a 3-month contract, but after only 1-month on the job, it turned into full time job, and that was how his career in Canada started.

Jesse’s wife is now working full time, and his kids are attending post-secondary institutions, one just finished LPN Nursing while one is a manager of a local coffee shop.

If Jesse were to give advice to new immigrant professionals looking to re-establish their careers in Canada, he would suggest them to first look into the provincial accreditation process, network, and keep thinking positively for ways to upgrade and develop yourself.