From Cashier to Pharmacist to Owner


Maher came to Canada from the Middle East and has been in Canada for the past 7 years, back home he worked in pharmaceuticals and as a pharmacist. He came to Canada in 2010 in search for a better future for his wife and child, and had always hoped to get back into his profession after immigrating.

When he and his family first arrived in Canada he had no friends or family here, but was very excited at the thought of starting a new life. The initial challenged after moving here he faced was with the weather, financial stability and finding a place to live. At the time his wife was taking English classes, and is now working in AHS as a Pharmacy Assistant.

Initially he did a lot of research on the licensing process and went to Directions for Immigrants to join study groups that helped him pass the initial re-certification exams. He also attended the Bredin international pharmacy bridging program.

During this time, he worked as a cashier in a local grocery store, and after passing all his licensing exams, he obtained an internship position at the same pharmacy which helped him to complete his internship hours. In 2012 Maher became a fully licensed pharmacist and started working as a pharmacist, one year later he is now a pharmacy manager and achieved his dream of owning his very own pharmacy within a Shoppers Drugmart.

If he were to give any advice to newcomers to Canada he would say, “Never give up hope and believe in yourself. Seek help if you need it because there are many organizations out there that are willing to help you out!”