From High School Math Teacher to Red Seal Mechanic



Vimal came to Canada from Fiji in October 2005. Back in Fiji he was a high school math and physics teacher, but eventually switched to teaching automotive because of his own interests and hobbies.

Vimal moved to Canada with his wife and 2 children to look for more opportunity and peace as a coup was going on back in Fiji.

Initially when he first moved to Canada, he encountered challenges finding a career path, finding place to stay, as well as finding work. At the time his children were enrolled in ESL at school, and his son at trouble picking up the English language. Wife never had worked back home but had to start taking 2x part time jobs at restaurant and night shifts at a warehouse.

When he first landed in BC, Vimal looked into going back into teach but wasn’t able to find any suitable opportunities. So during his time there he decided to challenge the mechanic apprentice board exam, and ended up going to BCIT for a certification upgrade course, while working at the local KalTire. KalTire financially supported his apprentice exam fees while providing valuable work experience, and after half a year, Vimal successfully achieved his red seal, which is a Canada wide license to practise as a licensed heavy duty mechanic.

Eventually Vimal and his family decided to come to Calgary for better job opportunities, and Vimal has been at KalTire ever since, working as a heavy duty mechanic with trucks and semis.

So far in his career at KalTire he’s successfully trained over five apprentices, with two having become fully licensed automotive technicians, and one currently under his training. He is glad to be able to utilize his past teaching skills now to apply to his current position training new mechanics in their careers.

Vimal and his family are both settled in Calgary, with both his children are studying in post-secondary colleges, and his wife is also working in sales. His next goal is to develop his skills to gain specializations in more areas within mechanic work.

Advice to future immigrants: “Find the path that is right for you! Research and get to know the different services available to you and develop your English abilities.”