Pressing on Towards the Goal


Dr. Castro came to Canada from Peru in 1999 with his wife. In Peru, he worked for 8 years teaching at the university and was leading the student clinic. Currently, he is a business owner of a dental clinic in Calgary called Pacific Dental.

When he first arrived to Canada, Dr. Castro struggled with learning the English language. He eventually studied English for two years, while working at temporary jobs such in the mailroom, customer service, and various office work, etc. At the time, he was working with 17 year olds and had difficulty understanding their slang and vocabulary. He was feeling like it was a dead end job but after discussing with his wife and thinking things through, he reminded himself of his long-term goal to enter back into dentistry. This was simply another step towards that. His mindset changed at that point and was determined to work again as a dentist. He began to explore the requirements to make it happen.

Once he started to gather the information, he learned that at that time, internationally trained dentists could only be reaccredited in two provinces: Alberta and Quebec. As Dr. Castro did not know French at the time, he did not qualify to work in Quebec so his target became Alberta. The process for reaccreditation required him to take courses and 5 exams, which eventually lasted 2.5 years and costed $30,000. Those 2.5 years was a very difficult time. Dr. Castro would alternate between studying full time for exams, and working full time between exams. Most days he studied from 6am-2am, sometimes even studying on the subway as it travelled back and forth through the city.

After he passed all his exams, he moved to Calgary with his family and started to look for work as a dentist. In his job search, he looked through phonebooks, websites, dropped off resumes, and found work as an associate dentist for 7 years. Eventually, after he developed good work experience, he took the risk and opened his dental clinic at Chinook Mall called “Pacific Dental”.

Dr. Castro’s goals now are to continuously improve himself as a professional. He is currently active as a guest lecturer in different universities around the world, such as Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and Ecuador.