Taking big risks to get big results


Neda came to Canada from Iran in 2011 at the time with her 1-year-old daughter, in order to find a safe place with equality and freedom of speech. Back in Iran, she worked in finance within international commerce, with over 10 years’ experience in insurance. Currently she is working as a financial advisor at Sun Life Financial.

When Neda immigrated to Canada, she always had the desire to return into her field of insurance. After doing research online, she understood the requirements to be an advisor with insurance companies. Neda took courses in mutual funds, Canadian Finance, CCQP, and online courses for the IFSE.

During those days, she worked and studied hard. She would wake up at 4am to have time to study before her daughter woke. It was a difficult time, but every day she would tell herself “I am alive, and so thankful. If you’re alive, you will face challenges”. She kept in mind that it was an opportunity for her to learn about the Canadian industry, and better prepare her to answer client questions.

After passing all the certifications, she started her job search on LinkedIn and connected with managers. She also began submitting resumes in person, and through recruiters. When she came upon Sun Life Financial, they offered her an insurance job that was 100% commission, and also required her to have an initial investment on office space rent, utilities, computer etc. On top of that, she had to build her own client base. At the time, she did not have many friends in Calgary, so was competing with other advisors who already had a wide network within the city. Neda was hesitant to accept the position.

Eventually, Neda decided that she needed to take the risk, and began to set up community workshops to outreach to immigrant communities, with a genuine desire to teach newcomers about finances and insurance. Within three years, she was able to build up a strong client base and successfully establish herself as a certified, and admired insurance professional. Neda was recently awarded an order of merit from Sun Life Financial for providing excellent life insurance services to the community.