Immigrant Services Calgary Launches a New and Upgraded Welcome to Alberta App.

The new and upgraded Welcome to Alberta app is designed to help newcomers achieve a smooth and successful transition into their new home in Canada.

Welcome to Alberta features:

  1. To-do lists: Access pre-prepared to-do lists to view recommended tasks for newcomers who haven’t yet arrived in Canada and those in their first few weeks in the country. The lists are organized in order of importance, from high to low. They are also customizable and allow users to add their own tasks.
  2. Overview of Canada and Alberta: The app provides general information about Canada and Alberta to help newcomers learn about Canadian governments, official languages, weather, cost of living, and more!
  3. Important information: Welcome to Alberta includes valuable information about important documents, finding a place to live, healthcare, finances, employment, education, languages, and government benefits!

About Immigrant Services Calgary

For over 45 years, Immigrant Services Calgary has been an integral part of the community, working to make a meaningful difference in the lives of newcomers.

We offer many services to ensure families and individuals have the support needed to successfully begin a new chapter of their lives in Canada. These services include employment bridging, English language testing and referrals, legal and tax clinics, translation and interpretation, and programs for children, youth, parents, and seniors.