Welcome to Alberta is a settlement mobile app designed to help immigrants and refugees to achieve a smooth and successful transition into their life in Canada. The mobile app will help newcomers to be able to access information on immigrating to Canada in a centralized fashion.

Currently it features the following, but will be updated with additional information and translated into different languages in the near future. It currently features three different categories:

  1. To – do list: Welcome to Alberta has prepared a list of things to do for immigrants who are: Pre-arrival, 2 weeks after arrival and 2 months after arrival. These to-do lists include important things to prepare or do when arriving in Canada. The to-do lists also feature an option for everyone to add in their own to-do items.
  2. Overview of Canada and Alberta: Another aspect of the mobile app is an overview of Canada and Alberta. In this section, you are able to find general facts about Canada and Alberta.
  3. Current important information: Welcome to Alberta also hosts current important information in a centralized manner. These categories will include phone numbers, addresses and up to date information about topics that are geared towards newcomers.

Categories include:
a. Important documents
b. Finding a place to live
c. Healthcare
d. Finances
e. Employment
f. Education
g. Languages
h. Benefit

About Immigrant Services Calgary

Since 1977, Immigrant Services Calgary (ISC) has been providing a wide range of settlement services to immigrants and refugees looking to begin a new chapter of their lives in Canada.

Our aim is to reach newcomers in a timely and responsive manner to facilitate a smooth transition, proper settlement and successful integration into the Calgary community. We work collaboratively to ensure our clients have access to programs and services that can help them overcome the challenges that come with immigrating to a new country, thus setting them up to succeed in their new life in Canada.